Bringing Your Strategy to Life

Strategy can be the result of a flash of brilliance or a complicated process. However in all situations it is the implementation of the plan which provides the most challenges and where success or failure is determined.

This one-on-one coaching program will make sure you implement your business strategy. The course provides you with an opportunity to review, reflect on and to discuss your business: to bring the detail into the plans and to ensure how you think and act contributes to its success. Not only will you end up with the Who, What, Where, How, When, By plans but with behaviours and attitudes you need to make it all happen. The process will include:
  • A detailed examination of the strategy and development of relevant plans
  • A discussion of the leader's role in organisational success
  • Identification of positive behaviours and actions that will take the organisation along the agreed path.
At the end of coaching you will have:
  • Developed and started the process of implementing plans for all elements of the business. (These plans will provide solutions for gaps and address any changes that need to be made)
    • Staffing
    • Skills
    • Systems
    • Structure
    • Shared Values
    • Style
  • Identified those responsible for leading the implementation of the plans
  • Developed a communication plan for selling the strategy and fostering shared values
  • Established benchmarks, including timelines, for assessing progress and level of success in implementation projects
  • Adopted skills and behaviours needed to be a success in your role
  • Learnt how to spend your time in those areas where you add the most value
  • Increased your awareness of how you operate as a leader
The program will comprise 6 sessions of 90 minutes each, however a structure that suits the client can be adopted. With experience in both consulting and executive coaching Cynthia Palmer provides a knowledgeable and confidential sounding board for leaders wishing to succeed in their role. She will test your assumptions and help you adopt successful leadership behaviours. Contact Cynthia for more information